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Details of the planning application are available to view at the Council’s Perceval House offices, Uxbridge Road, Ealing or online and in borough libraries. 

The Council is keen to hear the views of people who live in, work in or shop in the borough as the centre of Ealing is important to the whole community. The planning application will be considered by the Council in early 2008.

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Ealing Residents need to know exactly how a large scale redevelopment is going to impact on our surroundings. is asking subscribers to tell us what you want to know so that we can get some answers. Here's our first question and answer:

What affect will the new developments have on parking in the area?

"It is a wrong assumption to think that this regeneration will add to Ealing’s existing traffic problems. Much of the current congestion can be relieved by the redevelopment which will also in fact contribute to the improvement of parking facilities for the area.

"There are three ways in which the new plans can contribute positively.

"Firstly, an independent study from Tibbalds, commissioned by the Ealing Council, looks at the future of the town centre and along the Uxbridge Road into West Ealing. Part of the study’s conclusions is that not so much a lack of parking provision in Ealing but that what exists is poorly signed and managed. There may be a need to slightly increase the total number of spaces in the town but that is best done strategically under the guidance of the study’s findings.

"As part of its new plans for Ealing, Glenkerrin is negotiating a significant sum towards the strategic provision of parking spaces in the centre of town. It will also contribute to proper signage as well as improving the management of all the existing parking spaces so that spaces are best utilized and managed efficiently.

"Secondly, there is a lot of congestion on the streets because all the shops along The Broadway are serviced from the road. All the shops in the new development will be serviced from underground which means that traffic on the street will be able to move smoothly.

"Thirdly, research shows that 75 per cent of money spent by people living in Ealing is not spent in Ealing. A lot of the congestion that occurs in Ealing Broadway, particularly at weekends, is the result of people driving to other areas outside Ealing to shop simply because Ealing’s existing retail offering falls in the bottom rank of national regional centres."


October 19, 2007