Developers Say They Welcome CABE's Constructive Criticism

As opposition heats up, Glenkerrin gives EalingToday their reaction to watchdog report

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Details of the planning application are available to view at the Council’s Perceval House offices, Uxbridge Road, Ealing or online and in borough libraries. 

The Council is keen to hear the views of people who live in, work in or shop in the borough as the centre of Ealing is important to the whole community. The planning application will be considered by the Council in early 2008.

Save Ealing Centre. Call Patrick Chapman of SEC for more details (020 8567 7955).

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'Leaf' developers Glenkerrin have told EalingToday they welcome comments from government architecture watchdog CABE's comments.

Earlier this week we published a comment from local Lib Dem councillor and campaigner Jon Ball calling for the developers to withdraw their proposals.

"Local opposition to the Ealing skyscraper scheme has been unprecedented, and with a government-funded body such as CABE now adding to the chorus of criticism, it is time for the developers to go back to the drawing board and not come back until they have a scheme that is suitable for Ealing," he said. "The current proposal is clearly unacceptable both to the local community and to design experts, and I challenge Glenkerrin to recognise that by withdrawing it immediately."

But a Glenkerrin spokesperson told EalingToday that they don't consider the CABE comments to be all negative and that rather than withdrawing their drawings, they plan to take the findings into consideration in their response.

“We are currently putting together a full response to CABE which we hope to send to them within the month," said the spokesperson. "One of the roles for CABE is to push for improvements and increased quality in any development and Glenkerrin fully respects CABE’s stance.

"We are pleased that CABE is supporting the tall building as part of the development. One of the points we would challenge is CABE’s comment that more public space needs to be created as part of the redevelopment.

" Our plans are for 20 per cent of the total scheme to be public space which will transform the town centre. All the issues will be addressed in our response and we are working closely with the council on all the points raised to make a good scheme even better.”

The damning comments from CABE's report included:

"... there now seems to be a complete lack of connection between the tower and the previous scheme.

And that:

"If constructed, a tall building in this location would be a radical departure from the predominantly suburban character of Ealing. "

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November 15, 2007