Playground Closed After Vandals Strike

Gunnersbury Park play area left riddled with broken glass

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The playground at Gunnersbury Park had to be closed yesterday (26th June) after vandals left glass strewn all over play equipment.

Lisa Burden was about to take her children to play there when she was warned by another parent about the state of the play area. The amount of debris was so serious that the police had been contacted about the matter.

She said, " I went in to look and it was crushed glass smeared all over the seats of the swings the bottom of the slide in the tunnel and on the seats of the roundabout. It was also spread on the bark which was underneath the zip wire. There was also several pieces of bigger bits of glass all over both sections of the park."

Concerned about danger to other children she walked to the cafe where she spotted one of the park's gardeners. He immediately came to review the situation but quickly realised that the debris would need to cleared professionally. Whilst he went away to make the arrangements visitors to the park found red tape to fasten over the entrance.

Within ten minutes a member of the head office team at Gunnersbury Park had attended the scene and informed concerned parents that the playground would remain closed until further notice. The park staff were commended by parents for their quick response to the situation.

The park has only recently been cleaned up after travellers left three tonnes of rubbish strewn around after camping there earlier this month.

June 27, 2014